Adding materials to reserve & online (e-reserve) - a guide for lecturers

To put material on reserve or online (e-reserve), submit material to the relevant reserve and short loan collection contact in each Library location. Requests can be made in person; via email, or using the online request form for the relevant Library location.

To ensure you meet your deadline, submit your lists six weeks before the start of the course-you will need to do this each time the course is run-or purchase new items not already in the catalogue, by suggesting an item for the Library to purchase, at least three months prior the start of the course.

All copying, including digital copying, must comply with the Copyright limits prescribed in the Copyright Act (1968) as amended.

Putting books & DVDs on reserve

Only high use books-for example, those issued more than 10 times in the previous year-will be placed in two hour reserve collections (unless you can make a case for it).

Limit your reserve lists to essential required reading only. If you plan to request more than 75 titles in one semester, please discuss with the relevant supervisor.

For private copies, please contact your branch Library reserve officer.

When submitting an item for two hour or two day loan:

  • tell us whether your books are to go on two hour or two day loan.
  • tell us the estimated number of students enrolled in the course.

Putting material online (e-reserve)

When making a request:

  • include full citation details for all materials
  • include a copy of items that are only available in print
  • include documents as hardcopy or as pdf files (for pdf files use a CD or USB drive)
  • do not send printouts of items already available online through ANU subscription databases and the web.

Copies of articles and book chapters for scanning should:

  • include full citation details
  • be A4, clean, and straight on the page
  • have text that is clear and legible
  • have little or no black photocopy margin.

We can reactivate previously submitted documents. Just send us the citation if you know we already have something.