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Note: Generally speaking, Chinese characters are encoded either in GB (Mainland China) or Big5 (Taiwan, Hong Kong). This page uses Big5 code. Software for reading Chinese is avaliable at the following web sites:

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  • CHANT (CHinese ANcient Texts) Database (Chinese University of Hong Kong) [Self-description: "The CHANT Database, which has been awarded over 11M dollars of research funds since its commencement in 1988, is a long-term research project of the Institute of Chinese Studies (CUHK) supported by the Research Grants Committee of Hong Kong. The aim of the database is to build up and publish a database of all pre-600 AD traditional and excavated Chinese texts in hardcopy and electronic formats including the Internet. When completed, the database will become a valuable tool for researchers, scholars, educators and the public as a whole."]
  • Hong Kong University Theses Online (HKU)
  • Sing Tao Electronic Daily

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