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  • Taiwan Studies Institute(Self description: TSI is a privately funded, nonpartisan research organization based in Taipei. ...It ... academic studies on economic, cultural and political subjects.)

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Defence & military affairs

  • New Archival Evidence on Taiwanese "Nuclear Intentions", 1966-1976 - NSA (William Burr) (The National Security Archive, George Washington University, Washington, D.C., USA) (Self-description "During the late 1960s and mid-1970s, and late 1980s, the United States and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) actively discouraged Taiwan from acquiring critical technology for producing fissile materials. Recently declassified documents, unearthed by the National Security Archive, provide new and significant details about the earlier efforts to forestall a nuclear-armed Taiwan.")
  • Taiwan Security Research (in English)(Self description:"This page will remain in a constant state of renovation. The author welcomes your suggestions. This page's link to any given Web site does not constitute an endorsement of that site by the National Taiwan University, the Department of Political Science, or the author. All rights reserved by the author.")


  • Shixue lianxian (History on-line) (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)(Site contents: (1) History Research Institutes; (2) Search Engines, Indices, and Mailinglists; (3) Chinese History; (4) World History; (5) Taiwan History; (6) Topical History (General; Thought; Culture; Ethnics; Art; Music; Science; Astronomy; Architecture; Mathematics; Military Science; Women; Medicine; Religion; Economics); (7) Museums; (8) Libraries; (9) Electronic Texts; (10) Full-text databases; (11) Periodicals; (12) Geographic Aids; (13) Search; (14) Discussion Groups; (15) Miscellaneous)
  • Taiwan Documents Project (English)(Supplied note: "Taiwan Documents Project is the most comprehensive collection of current and historical Taiwan-related international agreements and other documents on the net. It examines Taiwan's international relations, legal status, and history. It focuses on the dispute over Taiwan's status.")