Physical & mathematical sciences

These guides cover subjects such as astronomy and astrophysics, earth sciences, mathematical sciences and natural hazards.

Subject guides

  • Astronomy and astrophysics
     The school operates a world-class observatory and has a long history of research and technical activity at the forefront of astronomy and astrophysics.
  • Earth Sciences
    Geology is the science which investigates the successive changes that have taken place in the organic and inorganic kingdoms of nature; it enquires into the causes of these changes, and the influence which they have exerted in modifying the surface and external structure of our planet.
  • Mathematical sciences
    This guide will help you make the most of the resources the ANU Library has to offer  in the field of Mathematical Sciences. It will also offer some guidance on other resources to help your study and research. Please use the tabs above to navigate it.
  • Natural hazards and disasters
    Natural hazards and disasters program is a collaboration between the social and earth sciences. While the physical sciences can do much to forecast the physical effects of disaster, the social sciences can provide an understanding of the long-term effects on real communities.
  • Science communication
    Science communication is the discipline that aims to improve the uptake of scientific information by lay audiences.