Publishing with LaTeX Day 1

Do you have special typesetting requirements, such as heavy use of mathematical notation? TeX is used in scientific and technical research fields and these LaTeX workshop provide an introduction to basic LaTeX usage with a focus on thesis and journal publications typesetting. Come along to obtain a LaTeX template adaptable for your own work, and to discuss collaboration, referencing and graphics software that can help produce documents that will impress your supervisors, reviewers and colleagues.

Publishing with LaTeX Day 1 Introduction to the LaTex world

9.30am–12pm: Introduction to the LaTex World

12:30pm–2.30pm: Join the LaTeX World

  • Optional session for first time users to install LaTeX or use a remote service on their device, try out editing a simple demo document, inserting files.
  • Homework Assignment: Take an existing publication, research essay etc. and write in LaTeX

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