Saturday Word for academic writing Day 1

This Saturday workshop will cover all content of Word for academic writing: formatting your document and the first half of content from Word for academic writing: maintaining consistency in your thesis.

Formatting your document workshop focuses on how to use Microsoft Word within an academic setting, in particular how to use Word efficiently to format and navigate long documents, formatting tables, compare documents side by side, formatting breaks and sections and quick keys. Also, track changes, footnotes/endnotes, bookmarks and cross-references.

Maintaining consistency in your thesis workshop focuses on how to use Word within an academic setting, in particular the features that support the creation of long documents and theses. The workshop covers setting up a Word template to use for chapters of a thesis.  It can be overlayed on current text if you have already begun writing or used to start each chapter

This training workshop is conducted using Windows PCs: Office 2016. Participants are welcome to bring Mac or Windows laptops to the workshop.