Service, stacks and scholars: The story of Chifley Library 1968–2018

Were you a '60s wild child? Where were you when man landed on the moon? Did you march against the Vietnam War?

As a part of the Chifley 50th Anniversary, ANU Library has a Swinging Sixties display in Chifley Library, featuring:

  • books from the collection that were banned in Australia at that time;
  • Australian cultural ephemera, covering music, art, literature, the Vietnam War, politics and fashion; and
  • historical photographs of the Library building, copies of the campus newspaper from 1968, and articles from local newspapers, including The Canberra Times.

In addition to the Chifley display, there is also an exhibition in the Menzies Library foyer, featuring people who influenced the development of Chifley Library, early architectural plans and photographs of the construction, and output of significant Social Science & Humanities researchers who have used Chifley Library over the past 50 years.

Visit the online exhibition:

Service, stacks and scholars: 
The story of Chifley Library 1968 — 2018