ANU Library Survey Q&A

ANU Library needs your feedback!
25 July 2016

This year the ANU Library is using an international survey instrument, LibQual+, to collect your feedback. The survey will help understand areas that we need to change to best meet your needs.

If you have been selected to take part in the ANU Library LibQual+ survey you may find this additional information about the rating system useful.

The LibQual+ survey instrument uses a rating system which asks respondents to utilise a scale of 1-9 to record the following:

  • The minimum accepted level of service that you would expect to receive from a world class library
  • The level of service you desire when you interact with the ANU Library, based on your personal preferences.
  • What you perceive or observe as the level of service that the ANU library currently provides.

You may note that there is some redundancy in the survey questions. This is done to ensure that the LibQual+ survey instrument is both sound and valid.