ANU Library tours for 2021 Orientation Week

10 February 2021

Take a library tour and discover the spaces, services and collections available from the ANU Library to help you succeed in your University studies. 

We offer a range of different sessions to suit your needs, including in-person and online:

  • ANU Library branch tours help you navigate the physical and reserve collections in one of our five specialised library branches, and will help you find computers, printers, group study rooms and other facilities.
  • Information sessions are conducted via Zoom and will introduce you to ANU Library services, along with a virtual tour of the catalogue and online resources.
  • ANU Library start webinars are conducted via Zoom and are designed to give you everything you need to know to start using the Library!

Registration is essential for our branch tours, as spaces have been limited due to social distancing policies. But if you miss out, don't worry! Head to our YouTube channel where you can take quick video tours of our five library branches.

    Library Start Webinars (online)

    Hancock Library information sessions (online)

    Art & Music information sessions (online)

    Chifley branch tours

    Hancock branch tours

    Law branch tours

    Menzies branch tours

    Art & Music branch tours