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7 September 2018

Today is Asia Pacific Day on the ANU Campus, an annual event for high schools across the ACT.

This event gives high school students the opportunity to increase their understanding of Asia and the Pacific, and Australia’s engagement with the region. Taught by leading ANU scholars, Asia Pacific Day looks through at a range of disciplines such as geography, history, economics and legal studies through the lens of Australia's engagement with the Asia Pacific region.

This day reminds us that there is a huge benefit to learning more about the Asia Pacific region, and our place in it. And there is no better place to start or continue your education in Asia Pacific subjects than at ANU Library!

The ANU Library’s comprehensive collection of Asian scholarly materials are utilised not only by ANU staff and students, but are also made accessible to academics around Australia and the world.

The Menzies Library is the hub of the Library's Asia Pacific focused services. Our collection supports Asia Pacific studies in the fields of history, anthropology, politics and international relations, literature and language, religion and philosophy.

Material unique to the Menzies Library include:

For more information about the Library’s Asia Pacific collection, visit the ANU Library website.