Changes to copyright law – what that means for you

1 March 2019

Copyright is important for students and academics. ANU Library has a set of copyright guides to help you ensure that you are able to make material available to students, use material for your research and also meet copyright requirements when submitting manuscripts for journal articles, books and more.

These guides have been updated with copyright changes that occurred this year in the Copyright Amendment (Disability Access and Other Measures) Act 2017. These changes aim to strengthen creative protections, promote greater access and simplify copyright duration.

Your rights as a creator and user of materials, particularly unpublished materials, have changed. You can learn more on the copyright page of our website, which includes guides for students, researchers and teachers on rights and responsibilities when it comes to copyright.

The Copyright Act has a number of provisions allowing material to be reproduced by libraries and archives for preservation and other purposes. The ANU Library and Archive carefully review materials before digitisation, but if you have any concerns about digitised content in our collection – you can now let us know directly through the Copyright takedown request form.