Changes to room booking in Chifley

16 May 2019

Due to circumstances beyond our control, a number of study rooms in the JB Chifley Library have been closed to bookings until further notice.

The building work in Level 1 has led to a number of unplanned consequences, including air contamination and low temperatures due to the air-conditioning being shut off. This means we need to move library staff to other buildings, as well as into a small number of study rooms in Chifley.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

You will have been notified by email if your booking has been impacted. To make alternative arrangements, please look at the study room booking system to find another room. If there are any issues please let the library staff know – we will do as much as possible to find you another room.

The building work is scheduled to be completed by the end of July. This will open up all of Level 1 to library users with new study areas, group study rooms and better access to Kambri.