Chifley flood donation appeal — can you help?

19 June 2018

Following the calamitous Chifley Library flooding of February 2018, ANU Library is committed to rebuilding the collection and improving resources for research and study.

The ANU scholarly community was devastated by the loss of such an important part of our collection, built over the last 50 years by academics and library staff to support world class research and study at ANU.

Following the flood, many suggestions, offers of support and book donations have been gratefully received. We’re optimistic, but now need your help to rebuild an improved collection in Chifley.

ANU Library is now working on the second stage of rebuilding the Chifley Library collection — focusing on identifying ways of replacing the collection, in particular the monographs. To ensure that this process is managed properly, Library staff have produced a comprehensive list of monographs lost in the flood. If you would like to donate any books on the list we want them!

Please visit before 31 August to suggest a replacement item, donate materials or offer financial support.