Digitisation Update – May 2017

26 May 2017

ANU Library Digitisation team

The Digitisation team, Stephanie Dangerfield and Erin Gallant, are undertaking a major project to digitise rare and special materials from the

ANU Library and Archives. The Digitisation Policy and Procedure sets our framework and guides the project. Many people across the Library and Archives contribute to providing open access to ANU collections.


Special titles

Victorian Tailoresses' Association records

Victorian Tailoresses' Association

This collection contains the membership register and Strike Attendance Book, 1883-1884 of the Tailoresses' Association of Melbourne. The Pressers' Union, which had formed in 1884, amalgamated with the Cutters' & Joiners' Union in 1902 to form the Victorian Clothing Operatives' Union.

The Tailoresses' Association of Melbourne, formed in 1880, was the first Australian trade union focussing on women workers. The Association first met in response to an attempt by manufacturers to reduce the piece-rate wages of garment makers many of whom worked at home. Workers went on strike in 1883 for better conditions which were eventually granted by employers. The strike is generally regarded as instrumental in the establishment of the Shops Commission and the eventual passage of the Factory Act 1885. In 1906, the Tailoresses' Union amalgamated with the Tailors' Society. The Association’s first minute book is among Pre-Federation trade union minute books on the UNESCO Australian Memory of the World register.

As different elements of the trade were incorporated the name changed to the Federated Clothing & Allied Trades Union in 1922, the Amalgamated Clothing & Allied Trades Union in 1924 and the Clothing & Allied Trades Union of Australia in 1947. In 1992, another change of name was effected, this time to the Textile, Clothing & Footwear Union of Australia.


Westminster in Moresby: Papua New Guinea's House of Assembly 1964-1972

Johnson, L. W. (Leslie Wilson)

Digitisation of this title was requested by South Pacific subject specialists Kylie Moloney (ANU College of Asia and the Pacific) and Dr William Standish (ANU College of Asia and the Pacific). This title gives researchers on the areas of Pacific history and politics access from around the globe. It has been made available to a global audience through open access, and it has been downloaded over 60 times, which includes downloads by users in Papua New Guinea.


The South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty: a critical assessment

Michael Hamel-Green

Digitisation of this ANU publication was requested by international users and received full support of the author. The digitised publication has since been circulated to individuals in the field and has been downloaded 39 times by individuals residing all over the world including Israel, France and the USA.

In August 1985, eight South Pacific Forum states signed the Rarotonga Treaty, establishing a nuclear-free zone in the South Pacific region, including Australia, New Zealand and island states south of the equator.

Researchers needed access to Michael Hamel-Green's critical study assessing the limited and selective character of Rarotonga treaty, which prohibits nuclear testing and land based stationing of nuclear weapons but permits transit, mobile deployment and some forms of control. This publication examines the Australian Government's motivations in initiating and negotiating the measure. The study analyses both regional and nuclear weapon state responses to the treaty and concludes with a discussion of its security and disarmament implications.


Digitisation collection projects

Xu Dishan

The Xu Dishan (1893-1941) collection comprises many rare editions and suspected orphaned sacred books on Buddhism, Taoism and other Missionary publications of the time dating from 1860–1920. The collection forms the original core of the ANU Library’s Asia-Pacific collection.

Some materials are in an extremely fragile condition due to the type of paper and printing methods used at the time of publication. It has been recommended by various experts in preservation and conservation that they be digitally preserved before further deterioration occurs. The Digitisation team has since digitised the fifty volumes identified as being the most in need of preservation. Digitisation of these volumes enables users to access materials which are too fragile to handle.

The 227 volumes digitised this year include the oldest item held at ANU Fo ding zun sheng tuo luo ni jing


ANU theses

The ANU Library’s theses collection holds the research output of the University’s academic community over the last 60 years. Most theses awarded in the 1950s have been digitised and made available online. The first ANU thesis was awarded in 1954.

The Digitisation team are digitising ANU PhD theses and making them available through the online Open Access Theses collection. So far, 2923 theses are available online – both new theses that are submitted digitally, and theses that are older and have been digitised.

By digitising the full ANU theses collection, the ANU Library will deliver the University’s unique and original research in a freely available, open access collection. Digital delivery expands engagement with the Library’s collections, provides visibility to the university’s scholarship, and supports the careers of the academic community.