Digitisation Update - December 2019

The ANU Library Digitisation Team are continuing to digitise rare and special materials from the ANU Library and ANU Archives.
17 December 2019

This update details some of the recent items digitised as part of the wider ANU digitisation project. More information about the digitisation procedure is available at the ANU Policy Library.

Climate Records

Digitised copy of Colonial Sugar Refining Company Limited (CSR) recrods

ANU Archives holds Colonial Sugar Refining Company Limited records from the 19th and 20th centuries documenting meteorological observations made at sugar mills and sugarcane plantations in Australia and Fiji.

The digitised portion of this collection includes 14 volumes, dating from 1882 to 1966. While early volumes record monthly weather data, later volumes give daily observations of rainfall, temperature and daylight hours. The long-term rainfall data in these records is of significant interest to climate change researchers such as Dr Sarah Beavis from the Fenner School of Environment and Society. Digitisation has also enabled access to interested bodies such as the Fiji Meteorological Service.

Pacific Slides

Suva - canal and residences 18/08/1961 Photographer: Helen Groger-Wurm http://hdl.handle.net/1885/177053

A number of Pacific Research Archives collections contain slides taken by researchers between the 1940s and 1970s. The slides include images from anthropologists and geographers taken during fieldwork.

Many of these slides contain images of Papua New Guinea, Fiji and locations across the Pacific. The digitisation of these slides has been undertaken as part of the Pacific Slides Project, which enabled access to over 5000 slides from the following researchers:

D'Arcy Ryan

Helen Groger-Wurm

Jim Specht 

Herbert William Burkitt

Nancy Hitchcock

Allan Flinders Gow

Lillian Hardman 

Michael Young 


Associate Professor Chris Ballard from ANU College of Asia and the Pacific has been engaging with the Archives, and is interested in including these slides in his Pacific Portal Project. He believes making this material accessible will considerably improve collaborative research on the Pacific. There has also been interest from independent scholar Dr Kristie Close, who runs Create Your Past – “I have been teaching in Fiji and PNG for the last five years and am trying to use online platforms to engage with more Pacific Islanders who are interested in their histories”.

A Woman's Duty

1934 Chamberlain’s Limited pamphlet - 'how to attract'

A pamphlet from 1934 developed by Chamberlain’s Limited, consisting of articles and advertisements. This small booklet gives a unique view into daily life, offering women fashion advice, home décor and tips for ailments.

Headingly Station Rainfall observations

Headingly Station Rainfall observations

Meteorological observations taken at Headingly Station by the Australian Agricultural Company from 1910 to 1953. These records of Australian pastoral stations can also contain records on climate, which is of interest to climate change researchers.

Communism and the international situation

Communism and the international situation

This thesis on the international situation and the tasks of the Communist International was adopted in 1928 at the Sixth World Congress of the Communist International, in Moscow.

A Voz de Timor

A Voz de Timor

13 issues of A Voz de Timor have been digitised, as part of a collaborative project with the National Library of Australia. This Portuguese-language publication was the last newspaper in the colony of Portuguese Timor, running from 1959 to the 1975 outbreak of civil war.

The issues held at ANU detail political upheaval in the lead up to Indonesian occupation, including the arrest and trial of Editor in Chief Francisco Lopez da Cruz. The issues also contain illustrated advertisements and social news, giving a snapshot into the life of people in Timor at this time.

Moses Moss and Company

Moses Moss and Company

Moses Moss and Company was wine, liquor and general merchant company established around the 1850s. A small selection from their deposit has been digitised. Their photographs of advertising sites for Wolfe’s Schnapps are often hastily taken snapshots, but give an interesting view of city streets and advertising in New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia during the 1920s. These items were digitised at the request of Gympie Regional Libraries to increase engagement with the local community and gather additional information about the places in the photographs.

Diary of R McGregor Watson

Diary of R McGregor Watson circa 1873

R McGregor Watson was a member of the Queensland pioneering family who overlanded cattle from the South in the 1870s. FH ‘Slim’ Bauer, inaugural director of the North Australian Research Unit, collected a copy of this diary which provides a retrospective account of settlement in the Gulf Country, Queensland. This resource is currently being used for Professor Lyndall Ryan’s (University of Newcastle) Colonial Frontier Massacres Map project.

Raymond O’Dea

Sydney journalists during the 1967 newspaper strike (Raymond O-Dea)

A series of photographs from the Raymond O’Dea collection showing Sydney journalists during the 1967 newspaper strike. These were digitised at the request of an independent scholar, John Myrtle, who is researching and publishing on the strike.