Digitisation Update - September 2020

The ANU Library Digitisation Team are continuing to digitise rare and special materials from the ANU Library and ANU Archives.
28 September 2020

This update details some of the recent items digitised as part of the wider ANU digitisation project. More information about the digitisation procedure is available at the ANU Policy Library.

Pacific Linguistics Project

Pacific Linguistics Project: Pacific language bibles and supporting grammars

Pacific language bibles and supporting grammars

This collection of Pacific linguistics bibles was gifted to the Australian National University in 2014 by the Australian Bible Society. It is a rare collection containing 337 publications and 11 supporting grammar folders. The bibles range in size and feature many Pacific languages.

There is a growing movement in linguistics to investigate language structures through ‘parallel corpora’ – text collections which are semantically equivalent. Within this research movement, bible texts currently hold pride of place as no other texts of this length offer parallel translations across so many languages.

This collection was made live in August 2020 and has already been viewed more than 4,500 times!

ANU Flood Publications

Books bulging in their shelves following the 2018 Chifley Flood

This collection of Australian National University publications originates from various schools, colleges and the ANU Press. These publications were housed in the J.B Chifley building and maintained by the University Library, and were destroyed by flooding which occurred in February 2018.

345 titles have been digitised to replace works lost in the flood. By digitising and making these works openly accessible via the University Repository, we will not only be replacing print works lost in the flood, but expanding the availability of the material to the wider community.

Basham Slides

Arthur Llewellyn Basham slides collection

In September 2019, we provided an update on the digitisation of the Ancient India slide collect of Arthur Llewellyn Basham. The remaining 1,032 images have now been added to the collection, which cover subjects including religion, China and Persia. A total of 5,168 images have now been digitised.

Arthur Llewellyn Basham was Professor of Asian Civilisations at the ANU from 1965 until 1979. During his career he took many photographic slides showing aspects of South Asian and Southeast Asian art, archaeological material and prehistoric material. These were part of the slide collection from the now disbanded School of Art.

Other additions

The Rural Settlement of Verlorenvlei in historical perspective
Sharyn Sinclair

Holocaust remembrance in Australia : gender, memory and identity between the local and the transnational
Dr Susan Andrews

Plan of Land for Sale A.A.Co's Estate Newcastle, 1912
Australian Agricultural Company Limited (A.A.Co)

A Hundred Years War: The Wiradjuri People and the State
Peter Read
A requested ANU Press title via rare books. This item was missed in the ANU Press backlog digitisation from 2015.

Lombok : conquest, colonization, and underdevelopment, 1870-1940
Alfons van der Kraan
A requested ANU Press title via rare books.