Level 1 student space opens in Chifley Library

13 September 2019

Good news - the Level 1 student commons area in the Chifley Library is now open!

These fantastic renovations have opened up more than 200 additional student seating spaces and lockers, a new print station, extra group study rooms and brand-new bathrooms.

And as with the rest of Chifley Library – all of this is available 24/7!

This renovation project came as a result of the 2018 Chifley Library flood, which provided the ANU Library an opportunity to rethink how library spaces can best meet student needs.

"As a world class university, we need a world class library and this includes modern and adequate student facilities. The number one issue reported by students in our surveys is that the physical library spaces are not up to scratch,” said University Librarian Roxanne Missingham.

“We have not added additional seating in almost 20 years, which does not match the increase in student numbers and use of the libraries," said Roxanne.

"We have taken this feedback on board, and have been able to advocate for student needs in the redevelopment of Chifley Level 1 - opening up this space as a student commons area. We are very excited to see this space being utilised by students."

Construction will continue as we work on the new staff area and meeting facilities. It is anticipated that all works in the Chifley Library will be completed in early October. We would like to thank everyone for their continued patience with the construction noise.

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to the library staff at the information desk or email library.info@anu.edu.au