Lost for 11-years – ANU Library books found in deceased estate

Reunited and it feels so good
25 March 2019

And you thought you were late to return your Library Books! 

Last year, ANU Library was contacted by a second-hand book dealer from Queensland, who had purchased a large collection of books through a deceased estate auction.

In this collection were two volumes of a 16-volume set; Correspondance – De Grimm Diderot. Both books had ANU Library markings.

After some investigation, it was discovered that these two volumes had been marked as missing from the library 11 years ago!

It turned out that we still had the other volumes in our collection. The second-hand book dealer very kindly offered to reunite the missing two volumes, and they were sent back home to ANU Library.

Volumes #14 and #15 recently arrived, and we are very pleased to reunite the set after over a decade.

This multivolume set is a French-language encyclopedia of 18th century French literature history and criticism, published in 1877-82.