New module on Privacy launched on Pulse

18 July 2019

A new module on Privacy has just been launched on Pulse, which will help increase your knowledge of privacy and its context in the university.

The Privacy Module was developed by specialist legal advisers, Salinger Privacy, with input from many others across ANU. Its development was funded by the Respectful Relationships program.

We encourage you to use the module and learn more about privacy.


At the end of the year the module will be reviewed, to see how it can be improved to best meet the needs of academics and staff at ANU.

You are encouraged to provide your feedback to assist in this review.

Future training course

We will be working with a legal expert on developing training courses to be offered later in the year.

We are keen to hear your views on what kind of short courses would be useful. If you have any suggestions, please send them through to University Librarian Roxanne Missingham by 30 July. 

Once training courses have been prepared, they will be publicised through mailing lists and training notices.