Open Access Week at the ANU Library

Working towards making Open Access the new norm
21 October 2019

Open Access Week is an opportunity for us all to explore and promote the benefits of open access in research, academia, industry and society as a whole.

Open Access is the free and immediate online access to scholarly materials, as well as the right to use and re-use that information for your own purposes. Providing information in this manner has the power to transform the way research is conducted.

The Australian National University is committed to Open Access. By facilitating the wide distribution of our scholarly output in an openly accessible way, the University is able to increase the benefit of its large quantities of original research. To find out more, you can read the Australian National University Open Access Policy.

The ANU Library supports this objective in many ways, notably through the Open Research Repository – which collects, maintains, preserves, promotes and disseminates its open access scholarly materials.

The Repository holds a variety of scholarly publications including: journal articles; books and book chapters; conference papers; posters and presentations; theses; creative works; photographs; and much more. Providing open access to this collection expands engagement with research, provides visibility to ground-breaking work, and also reduces barriers to access.

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