Single sign on from external devices – making your online experience easier

25 February 2019

Good news everyone - single sign-on is up and running!

But what does this mean for library users?

When you previously logged in from off campus to use electronic resources that the library subscribes to you may have noticed that you had to enter your university id and password again (and sometimes again and again) to access these resources.

Thanks to work by Information Technology Services staff you can now use Single sign-on (SSO) to access our resources with just one set of login credentials.

You can enjoy access off-campus to resources for your study 24 x 7 with a single login.

So, no more logging in every time you go to a new service. Amazing!

Finally, it is always important to be security aware, so please ensure that you:

  • Never share your password, and change it regularly;
  • Lock your computer when it is unattended;
  • Log off when you are finished; and
  • If you are using a shared computer, close your browser when you have finished and do not save your credentials into it.