Temporary closure of Hancock Library collections

7 February 2020

Update as at 21 September 2020

Exciting news - the Hancock Library basement is being refurbished into a new study space!


While this renovation is taking place, the basement will be closed until further notice. But don’t worry – the rest of the Hancock Library is still available for you to use. This includes Level 1 East, and Levels 2 and 3 being open 24/7.


Print materials from the Hancock basement have been moved to Level 1 West. Collection relocation will continue on Level 1 over the coming months. Please seek assistance from our friendly library staff if you are unable to locate items.

Update as at 5 March 2020

Hancock Library have reopened all of Level 1. This means that study spaces on the west side of Level 1 are now available, as is access to Hancock Library materials in call number ranges BF – QD. If you can't find an item on the shelf, please visit the Information Desk for assistance.


The Hancock basement will remain closed, as collections are still being actively relocated from this floor. Library material in the call number ranges QE – TZ, as well as Large Books and Serials, can still be requested via the Library catalogue request form.

Hancock Library collections are being temporarily closed from Monday 10 February.

Why are the collections being closed?

A number of items in the Hancock Library collections are being relocated. During this time, it would be unsafe for library users to be using the collection spaces while movers are relocating materials.

Why are collections being moved?

Because of the assessment of flooding risk we are no longer able to store materials in the basement of the Hancock Library. We are moving items to ensure that the collection is safely stored. You can read more about the collection relocation on our news page.

How long will they be closed?

The collections will be closed from Monday 10 February, for up to six weeks. We will keep you informed if this timing changes.

How can I access resources?

Materials can be requested using the retrieval request form, which is found when accessing Hancock materials in the Library Catalogue.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause. Please do not hesitate to speak to staff at the Hancock Library Information Desk for assistance, email or call 6125 3517.