Update on rebuilding the JB Chifley Library collection

An update from University Librarian Roxanne Missingham
19 December 2018

The rebuilding continues

The rebuilding of the JB Chifley Library continues to be a vital project for the University. Thank you to everyone at ANU for your support this year, particularly Library staff who have gone above and beyond to provide services to our users and contribute to the rebuilding of the collection.

Thank you to our donors

I would like to start with a thank you to the amazing donors who have so kindly and generously contributed more than 1,200 replacement books to the Library. And thanks also to our financial donors who have made it possible for us to acquire works that are very important for our students and scholars, which were lost in the flood.

Chifley Library collection rebuilding - 1000th flood donation

The works acquired from the financial donations are books relating to Indigenous Studies that were purchased from Jack Waterford and Susan Bennett. 139 works were acquired from their collection to replace works lost in the flood, and we were delighted acquire a further 529 titles not previously held by the ANU Library, which add depth and breadth to our collection. Current and future scholars will benefit significantly from access to the collection, which includes one book not held in any other library in Australia. 

We are delighted to acknowledge our donors.


We have been purchasing replacement titles to support the immediate needs of the University - so far this year we have acquired: 

  • 618 print works 
  • 149 e-books
  • 1 e-journal
  • 2 e-serial backfiles (containing 84 journal titles that were lost in the flood)
  • 3 videos / multimedia discs

In addition, we have purchased access to JSTOR's Arts & Sciences XI and Arts & Sciences XI collections which have around one million articles from 273 journals, including many that were lost in the flood.

Our website has a list of monographs we have purchased to replace titles lost in the flood.

All academics are asked to let us know what materials they need to enable us to purchase replacements. We will continue to explore ways of replacing collection items quickly and are grateful for the assistance of the community in identifying donors and those with material we can purchase. 

In order to accommodate replacement materials, a collection relocation project has commenced covering all five Library branches and the ANU Print Repository at Hume. 

If you would like to donate any material please do not hesitate to contact Meredith Duncan, Branch Manager, JB Chifley Library.

Interlibrary loans

The Library is assisting our users to obtain works from other libraries through the interlibrary loan and Bonus+ services. This year so far students and staff have made:

  • 1,919  Bonus+ requests (up 39.6%)
  • 3,754  interlibrary loans (up 28.7%)

JB Chifley Library - rebuilding the building

Planning work is advancing for levels one and two of the JB Chifley Library. Level 1 will be a new study space with individual and group study areas and amenities. Level 2 will be refurbished to accommodate the new entrance to Kambri and improved service areas. 

ANU Major Project are assisting in managing this project.

Other support services

The University has supported access to collections with a bus service to and from the National Library of Australia (NLA). In 2019 the free shuttle bus will continue during semesters, with several trips a day. Watch the ANU Library website for more information.

Thanks to our advisors

A special Academic Advisory Group of relevant discipline representatives has provided assistance. 

We would like to thank: 

  • Prof. Paul Pickering, Research School of Humanities and the Arts (Chair) 
  • Dr Mark Dawson, School of History 
  • Dr Paul Burton, School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics 
  • Colin Steele, Emeritus Fellow, ANU 
  • Dr Ian Higgins, School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics 
  • Dr Marc Oxenham, School of Archaeology and Anthropology 
  • Prof. Kim Sterelny, School of Philosophy 
  • A/Prof. Vladimir Canudas-Romo, School of Demography
  • Prof. Keith Dowding, College of Arts and Social Sciences