Update on rebuilding the JB Chifley Library collection - November 2019

An update from University Librarian Roxanne Missingham
5 November 2019

Collection rebuilding after the flood of the JB Chifley Library remains the ANU Library’s highest priority.

Collection rebuilding

I am very pleased to advise that so far over 12,100 monograph titles lost in the flood are available through the Library. Many were donations and we have purchased a great number of titles. We are extremely grateful to those who have donated books.

We are planning to replace approximately 9,500 titles through a large library supplier, based on an analysis of the history collection. The cost and processes are in discussion with the vendor for finalisation shortly.

Recent flood replacements include:

  • over 1,400 monographs acquired at significant discount from Cambridge University Press
  • 60 donations from the Chancellor
  • Major Adam Matthews collections. This includes replacements for 952 reels of microfilm and 89 microfiche from 26 microform collections:
    • Church Missionary Society Archive
    • Literary studies
    • Medieval and early modern history
    • Women’s studies (available from February next year)
    • Empire studies
    • and many more titles available in the packages.

All the 2020 History reading lists (required and recommended readings) have been checked. Everything has been ordered, with the exception of a few very hard to find resources which are still being searched for.

Keeping up to date with replacement material

You can keep up to date with new items through the Library’s weekly updates. This link will take you to a list of the Chifley flood replacement titles added to the collection during the current week, and you can browse to see items added in previous weeks.


The work on the insurance claim has been completed and lodged.

Interested in donating?

If you are interested in donating material that was lost in the flood, see our list of Monographs lost in the flood which contains information on the titles lost and those we have already replaced.

If you would like to make a donation please contact Meredith Duncan, Branch Manager, JB Chifley Library.

If you have material that you are interested in donating that was not lost in the flood, please contact Roxanne Missingham and I will pass your information to the relevant Library staff member.

New acquisitions

Some of our new acquisitions include:

Ordering new material

If you require any material that was lost in the flood, please use the Suggest a Purchase Form.

Ordering is now underway for required and essential readings for 2020 courses that were lost in the flood. If we have missed any material please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Where material is on order and not yet received, the record in the Integrated Library Management System states “# of items on order for [Branch name]".

JB Chifley Library building works

Chifley Library student commons now open

I am delighted to announce that the work on Levels 1 and 2 of the JB Chifley Library has been completed. There are more than 220 new study spaces for students on Level 1 and it is being very well used. We appreciate your patience during the renovation process. Thank you to Facilities and Services and Lendlease for the work that has resulted in great spaces for students and staff.

Thank you again for your support.