We’re all in this together—tips for using the Library during exams

1 November 2016

Exam period is right around the corner and no doubt using library spaces and rooms is a part of your strategy—we think it’s a good one!

1. Book a group study room

If you’re after a space to study on your own or for conversation and collaboration, the ANU Library has a range of group study rooms in Chifley, Hancock and Law to meet your needs. All group study rooms can be booked online.

2. Consideration is key

When using library spaces during exam preparation and the exam period, it’s a good idea to be considerate of your fellow students—we’re all in this together!

Below are a couple of tips for being a considerate study friend:

  • Try not to listen to loud music. Instead, bring some earphones.
  • Don’t sit at a desk with a computer when you’re not using it. Another student probably needs it.
  • Don’t put laptop cords across walkways. This causes a trip hazard, especially after staring at a screen for a few hours!
  • Return library books on time. And this includes the course reserve items. Don’t be that person!

3. Past exams papers

Get exam ready by looking at some past exam papers. The ANU Library has a good collection of past exam papers in a range of subject areas.

4. Extended opening hours

Planning when and where you’re going to study? Don’t forget Hancock and Law Library branches are open earlier on Saturday during the exam period. All floors of Chifley Library are open till late on Friday and earlier on Saturday mornings. And of course Chifley level 2 is open 24x7! All our other branches are open as per normal. Double check the opening hours on the Library website.

5. Bring snacks

We encourage snacks (Freddo frog anybody?), but please remember its only cold food/snacks and covered drinks. If you’re after a late night pizza, take a well-earned rest and enjoy it outside the Library.

6. Safety on campus

We know a lot of you are doing long hours in the Library at the moment, and we want to make sure you get to and from our buildings safely at night. We encourage you to download ANUOK, the official ANU safety app, and to check out the safety and security info on the ANU Security website – their web pages contain very important information.

We hope that the above tips will help make the sharing of Library spaces a little easier at this busy time of year. Now go ace that exam prep and those exams!