World Digital Preservation Day

29 November 2018

Today is World Digital Preservation Day, which aims to create greater awareness of the importance of preserving digital data and resources.

On this day we celebrate the collections preserved, access maintained and understanding fostered by preserving digital materials.

Many industries and individuals depend on reliable access to digital materials – such as data for research, records of cultural heritage, content for creative industries, and resources for media. We even rely on the preservation of digital materials in our personal lives, with our photos, thoughts and experiences being shared digitally with family and friends.

Today we are celebrating that CLOCKSS Archive, the international initiative which we use for digital preservation of ANU Press titles announced its TRAC re-certification by the Center for Research Libraries.

CLOCKSS is a collaboration of the world’s leading academic publishers and research libraries, and provides a sustainable dark archive to ensure the long-term survival of web-based scholarly content. ANU Press has partnered with CLOCKSS Archive to preserve their e-journals and e-books, ensuring that an author’s work will be preserved and maximally accessible and useful over time.

By preserving information digitally, we will ensure that researchers in the future will be able to benefit from access to materials from the past. This is critical for research, analysis, decision making and even just as a link to our shared history.