ArticleReach (journal article requests)

Request an article

To request a journal article, login to the ArticleReach website and complete the online form.

Borrowers with $25 or more in fines are unable to use the ArticleReach service.

You can request an article via ArticleReach in one of three ways:

  1. Make a request via the online ArticleReach form. Note: please include the journal ISSN. Failure to do so will delay your request.
  2. Search the ArticleReach Union Catalogue for your journal. Once found, click on the Request Article link at the bottom of the record.
  3. Select 'WebBridge@ANU' when available in a database. WebBridge will give you a link to ArticleReach with the details already filled out.

Accessing your article

When your article is available you will receive a link to My Library Record. You can then log in and click through to your article. Articles are available for 30 days.

Articles that are unavailable via ArticleReach

Requester Process
Staff and graduates Your request will be forwarded to our standard document supply service. This service is free-of-charge for ANU staff and ANU graduates for most requests.
Undergraduates As standard document delivery services involve a charge for undergraduate students, your ArticleReach request will be cancelled. Your notification email will provide an option to request your article for a charge.

ArticleReach partners

Along with the Australian National University, participating institutions are: