J.J. Graneek

University Librarian

Jack Graneek was a fine example of the scholar-librarian tradition. He was a classic scholar who retained his interest in these studies throughout his life. In later years he had turned his attention to the Dead Sea Scrolls and was working on a book on this subject at the time of his death.

He was a firm believer that a librarian should be above all a lover of books not as sacred objects in themselves, but as the ideal means of communicating information ideas and inspiration. He always took a keen interest in the development of the Librarys book stock and prided himself on the fact that he personally inspected every book received in the Library until quite late in his term at ANU, when the annual intake became so voluminous that he reluctantly had to discontinue the practice.

Text from: Bishop, Enid. "Jack Graneek." ANU Reporter 11, no. 13 (7 November 1980): 5.

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