Planning your research

Discover a range of workshops and online guides to help you find and analyse your existing data.

Analysing data

This workshop covers using NVivo to help you manage and analyse qualitative data, enabling you to keep your data files organised and to easily code text, sound and video files. NVivo can also help…
This workshop covers using the SPSS statistical application to perform a variety of functions including statistical analysis and graphical presentation of data.
This workshop covers advanced significance testing. We recommended taking the SPSS introduction workshop prior to taking this advanced session.
This workshop covers navigating Excel; entering and editing data and formulas; formatting, sorting and filtering data; basic charts and chart tools; and tips for using Excel more efficiently.
This website covers installing and using Matlab, a general-purpose analysis and graphics plotter which provides a programming language along with data visualisation capabilities.
List of software available to research students and staff, some allowing home-use.

Training & support

Support services, training opportunities and resources to assist research students.
This research collaborative unit specialises in statistical applications in research and provides free consultation support to Honours and graduate students and ANU staff.
Providing strategic advice and practical, hands-on support to academic staff engaged in research activities, with a particular focus on externally-funded research.
Providing a suite of funding initiatives aimed at assisting the College to achieve its goals of a high level of research activity and excellence in research outcomes.
Providing a broad range of research management services to academic staff, including development and management of external research funding and governance support.
Providing support services for current research grants, advice and assistance in the preparation of new grant applications and research service agreements and contracts.