Citing & referencing your writing

Become a referencing whiz by accessing the online guide or attending a workshop or online tutorial.

This guide will help you apply the referencing style used by the ANU College of Law (AGLC4) by providing examples and a basic statement of the rules. 
Learn how to reference, manage sources, find style guides, and use Turnitin.
This guide takes you through how to use EndNote 20, a powerful reference management software application.
Book an appointment to get support with EndNote, including troubleshooting and help with advanced formatting.
This workshop covers how to create references in EndNote, search bibliographic databases and catalogues, and download results.
This guide has been put together to help you understand the basics of using Mendeley for reference management.
Explore Mendeley tools, community and discover the huge range of groups, people and institutions that use our tools.
Zotero is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organise, cite, and share research.