A.L.G. McDonald

University Librarian

Mr McDonald devoted himself to the task of building strong, carefully selected collections of the highest quality and developing a library service appropriate to the aims and aspirations of the university. At the end of his 12-year term of the office the collections totalled over 200,000 volumes.

Mr McDonald's philosophy of librarianship embraced a strong commitment to high professional standards in all the areas of library activity. His concept of the ANU Library as an integral part of a regional and national network of interdependent libraries, developing cooperative acquisition policies and reciprocal access arrangements aimed at the maximum benefit of all the users, remains completely relevant and applicable to today's needs.

During his years as ANU librarian, Mr McDonald earned the unanimous respect of academic and library staff alike for his wise and balanced leadership in the library, and for his fine personal qualities. The university honoured him on retirement by naming a room in the Menzies Building after him, as well as the road leading to the building."

Text from: Bishop, Enid. "A.L.G. McDonald." ANU Reporter 12, no. 1 (27 February 1981): 4.