M.G. Simms

University Librarian

A crucial part of the thoroughgoing change of the library system which Simms proposed involved a management study of its processes. The purposes were the minimising of costs and the development of skills necessary for future development. All of which required a deeper grasp of user needs, the cost effectiveness of library organisation and philosophy, and the development of more efficient use of Library resources to create alternative approaches servicing user needs. The programme had to be demonstrated to be financially and operationally worthwhile. Library personnel were urged to participate actively in the whole process, since this was deemed essential for their understanding of the need for changes, the direct benefits they can be expected to bring, and the need for continuing growth and evolution in the future. This bold project was plagued with technical problems, especially in the production of catalogues, e.g. there was none available for the Hancock Building during 1975-76.

Text from: Vidot, P.A. "The History of the Australian National University Library 1946-1996" 1996

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