Chinese Digital Archive 1966-1976


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The ANU Library holds a number of unique, and in some cases rare and fragile, collections in both print and microfilm relating to the Chinese Cultural Revolution period (1966-1976).

A project was established in conjunction with the Pacific Rim Digital Library Alliance (PRDLA) to develop an electronic gateway to make these resources available both nationally and internationally.

The web-based database not only made this material globally accessible to the academic community but also preserved the contents of some very fragile and rare material.

The material initially selected for inclusion in this database was from the Cultural Revolution period, however additional materials from outside this period (which are relevant to the events of the Cultural Revolution) are also being included.

Although most of the material is held in the ANU Library, some material is held in private collections by ANU academic staff who have been willing to have their materials included in the database.

As part of its on-going commitment to this project, the ANU Library is working to seek additional international contributing partners who also hold relevant material on the Cultural Revolution period.

If you have further information or would like to comment or make a contribution to this digital collection please contact the Menzies Library.