Xu Dishan collection


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The Xu Dishan [许地山 (1893-1941)] collection consists of approximately 469 titles in 1,224 volumes and comprises many rare editions and suspected orphaned sacred books on Buddhism, Taoism and other Missionary publications of the time.

The collection was purchased by the eminent Chinese historian and later Professor of Far Eastern History at ANU, C.P. FitzGerald, in Hong Kong in 1950 from the family of the late prominent Chinese scholar, Xu Dishan. The collection forms the original core of the ANU Asia-Pacific collection. The collection includes titles published as early as 1411. 

The ANU Library has digitised the Xu Dishan collection and all items can be found in the Open Research repository.

Physical items are located in the Menzies Library and can be requested from the rare book collection. A full list of items can be found in the Library Catalogue.