Submitting course reading lists to the Library

  1. Submit course reading lists early 

    We recommend you submit items six weeks in advance of semester start date. We keep previously submitted resources for future use and these can be reactivated on request. Do not resubmit them; we require only a citation from you. Ensure all submissions are clearly marked with course code, course name and citation details.
    Submit readings in person or via email to the relevant reserve and short loan collection contact in each Library location.
  2. Check copyright restrictions
    Please check copyright restrictions imposed on the University under the Copyright Act 1968 (as amended). To ensure ANU complies with the Act, all extracts from published material must be submitted to the Library for processing
  3. Submit a course guide along with the required readings
    Course guides provide Library staff with citation details for creating accurate records; can form the basis of a course reading list, and provide a structured reading list for students to access via links inserted into the guide.
    Please inform Library staff if you prefer not to use your course guide for linking to electronic readings and items will be added to the course reserve list only.
  4. Requirements for scanning
    Copies of articles and book chapters for scanning should:
    1. include full citation details—for example author, article title, journal title, volume and issue details
    2. be A4, clean, and straight on the page
    3. include documents as hardcopy or pdf files (for pdf files use a CD or USB drive)
    4. have text that is clear and legible, ensure all text is visible
    5. have little or no black photocopy margin
    6. allow for easy photocopying. Spiral binding works best.
      when scanning texts to pdf, please use a minimum of 300dpi
    7. not combine multiple readings into one file—for example, put each article or chapter into a separate file
    8. name pdf files with author and beginning of title for quick identification. Please include week number if applicable—for example tolstoy_war_5.pdf
  5. Where articles are available electronically and copyright clearance is not required, we can link to the electronic version in the catalogue. If an article is made available in electronic format, it will not be duplicated in print form.

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