Arts & social sciences

These guides cover subjects such as history, indigenous studies, linguistics and philosophy.

Subject guides

  • Art & Design
    A guide to art and design resources available from ANU Library
  • Australian Indigenous Studies
    This online guide provides a broad and general introduction to the scholarly resources available at the ANU Library for staff, students, and other members of the ANU community seeking information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, and cultures. It also contains links to popular Indigenous materials, publicly accessible available by way of the Internet. 
  • Evaluating Sources
    A guide to evaluating sources.
  • History
    This online guide has been put together to help you navigate your way through the wealth of information resources available in the ANU Library's collection which fall under the very broad subject area of History.
  • Italian cinema
    Resources on the history of Italian cinema and the use of Italian language in cinema from 1895 to the present day, including selected films.
  • Latin American studies
    A research guide for students of Latin American Studies.
  • Military and Defence Studies
    A brief guide to the Military and Defence Studies resources contained within the collection of the ANU Library.
  • Music
    A guide to music resources available from ANU Library.
  • Philosophy
    A research guide for students of Philosophy.
  • Political Science & International Relations
    Political Science & International Relations guides.
  • Sociology
    This guide lists key Sociology and Social Policy resources available through the ANU Library's print and electronic collections.