ANU Library invests in new collection about Asia’s Colonial history

20 Nov 2023

Following requests from researchers in the College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP), the ANU Library has added an exciting new resource from GALE’s Primary Sources collection as part of the Chifley Flood Replacement project: State Papers Online Colonial: Asia (part 1 and 2). The material included in these series offers a significant, contemporary insight into the official processes and activities of British officials during the periods Britain colonised a significant proportion of Asia.

Part I of the collection contains official correspondence, letters, entry books of incoming and outgoing letters, confidential print, maps, photographs from the Far East, Hong Kong, and Wei-Hai-Wei for the period 1570-1967.

Part II focusses on Singapore, East Malaysia and Brunei from the period 1759-1966. The digitised materials include original correspondence, official documents, and financial papers and documents from British run businesses operating in the region.

This new addition to the Library catalogue is valuable for anyone researching the colonial history of Asia. These digitised original documents record Britain's administration and governance of countries under Britain’s colonial rule, their international relations across the period, and the changing demographics and daily life of their inhabitants. As such, these digital materials are literally pieces of history which researches can now explore online!