700th anniversary of the death of Dante

8 September 2021

2021 marks the 700th Anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri, medieval poet and philosopher.

The ANU Library has a number of works by and about Dante. All those listed below are electronic resources, and are available online for ANU Library users to explore from anywhere, at any time!

Dante’s most famous work, the Divine Comedy, is divided into three parts. These translations from Oxford University Press are user-friendly eBooks, with the English prose and Italian mirrored on the page, allowing readers to follow both languages line by line.

  1. Inferno (Hell)
  2. Purgatorio (Purgatory)
  3. Paradiso (Paradise)

Other electronic works available include:

  • Dante's lyric poetry: poems of youth and the Vita Nuova (eBook or PDF)
    • Includes English translations, commentary, and introductory essays.
  • The Oxford Handbook of Dante (eBook or PDF)
    • A thorough and creative reading of Dante’s work, with input from diverse scholars across a range of fields. The Handbook suggests what is exciting about Dante now and indicates where Dante scholarship is going, or can go, in a global context.
  • Dante (biography) (eBook or PDF)
    • An authoritative and comprehensive intellectual biography of Dante, providing an original synthesis of his life and work.
  • To hell and back: an anthology of Dante’s Inferno in English translation (1782-2017) (eBook or PDF)
    • Two complete translations of Dante's Inferno – with each of the 68 cantos translated by a different translator. This text is a celebration of the art and craft of poetry translation!
  • The Inferno (streaming audio)
    • No time to read? Listen to the spoken word recording of Dante’s Inferno, performed by American poet and translator John Ciardi.
  • Ethics, Politics and Justice in Dante (PDF)
    • Research on the themes of ethics, politics and justice in the works of Dante that explore how his ideas still speak compellingly to modern readers.
  • Dante, cinema, and television (eBook or PDF)
    • Essays from a broad range of disciplines, covering Dante’s influence on cinema, television, directors, actors and modern filmmaking.
  • Dante and the origins of Italian literary culture (eBook or PDF)
    • Explores the sources of Italian literary culture in the figures of its lyric poets and its "three crowns": Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio.
  • Good to pull (streaming video)
    • This short video shows artist Michael Mazur and his master printer, Robert Townsend, as they work on a suite of etchings drawn from the celebrated monotypes Mazur made for Dante's Inferno.

Dante is often referred to as the Father of the Italian language. Check out this fantastic Guide to Italian Language and Culture, which was put together by subject specialist librarians. The guide provides an introduction to scholarly resources available at the ANU Library for all those studying, teaching and researching Italian language and culture.