Art & Music building works and collection updates

30 May 2024

The Art and Music Library will reopen following ongoing construction work associated with hail remediation. A firm timeframe is not available as yet, with October 2024 being the latest advice provided in the 14 May 2024 On Campus – staff edition. The Library will continue to provide regular updates. 

Due to WHS concerns and the extent of building works at the School of Art & Design, Click and Collect access to the collection in the Art and Music Library has been temporarily suspended. This means that until the safety of the environment has been assured, physical items stored in the Art and Music Library are inaccessible. There is no firm date of availability to this space at present, however we anticipate that this may continue until late June 2024. 

On Tuesday 28 May there was a one-day outage of access the Chifley Library and all resources in the Library due to circumstances beyond our control. 

If you require materials that are currently located in the Art & Music Library, please contact We will endeavour to continue to acquire e-copies, source material from other branches, locations or collections, or work with you to find alternate resources. 

Library staff have continued to undertake actions take to provide access to Art and Music collections and resources during this temporary but required closure. 

Update on collections

  • 2,755 physical items have been temporarily relocated from Art & Music Library to Chifley Library, including:
    • 451 high use titles (which had been used three times or more in 2023)
    • reference collections
    • large book collections. 
  • 77,765 physical items remain at the Art & Music Library
  • 305 Click & Collect requests from Art & Music Library located collection items have been made from 7/12/2023 to 21/5/2024
  • New items added to the collection include:
    • 91 Art & Music specific monographs have been purchased since 7 Dec 2023, with expenditure of AUD$14,000 on these items. 
    • 83 specific Art & Music resources have been subscribed to, which the Library will expect to pay at least AUD$65,000 for these titles in 2024.