Beware! Predatory publishing

13 Aug 2015

With the evolution of open access, enterprises have emerged that run conferences and journals with low or no peer review or other quality mechanisms. These conferences and journals approach academics, particularly early career academics, soliciting contributions to reputable sounding journals and conferences promising publication. These publications, however, do not provide a quality contribution to careers.

On August 2, the ABC's Radio National program Background Briefing highlighted the operation of this industry in a briefing titled Predatory publishers criticised for 'unethical, unprincipled' tactics. The briefing focused in particular on OMICS. There is little doubt that industry has burgeoned. Not only will these publishers take your publications, they charge authors for the pleasure (or lack of).

Roxanne Missingham, University Librarian at ANU, offers tips to academics in an article recently published on the Australian Open Access Support Group's Blogsite.