Digitisation Update - April 2023

14 Apr 2023

The ANU Library Digitisation Team are continuing to digitise rare and special materials from the ANU Library and ANU Archives.

This update details some of the recent items digitised as part of the ongoing ANU digitisation project.

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Colonial Sugar Refining Company Limited: Photographs

Work is well underway on this exciting project with almost 12,000 images recently added to the collection. The photographs relate to the operations of the Colonial Sugar Refining Company (CSR). The CSR formed in 1855 and is one of Australia’s oldest and most successful companies. The photographs illustrate all aspects of the company’s operations in Australia and the Pacific dating from the late 1800s to late 1900s. View the full collection online.


Reports on the Cook, Niue and Tokelau Islands

New Zealand Department of Islands Territories reports spanning years 1955–1965. Presented to the House of Representatives, authority of R. E. Owen Government printer, Wellington, New Zealand. View the full collection online.


Busoni and the piano: the works, writings, and the recording

This seminal work by celebrated Australian composer, musician and ANU scholar, Larry Sitsky, is a complete survey of composer Ferruccio Busoni's piano music. The book was first published in 1986 and is now accessible online.


The structure of tertiary education fees

This paper, published in 1988, is an attempt to apply the standard framework of conventional welfare economics to the question of tertiary education fees. Read in full online.


A brief history of the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Services (ANPWS) and its successor the Australian Nature Conservation Agency (ANCA) 1973-1994

This work outlines the origins of the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Services following introduction of environmental conservation legislation in the mid-1970s. Read in full online.


Agriculture in the South Pacific titles

Report on the economics of agriculture, Kingdom of Tonga

This article outlines the economic role of agriculture in the Kingdom of Tonga, highlighting that agriculture is the basis of the nation’s economy. The article was published in 1970. Read in full online.


Proceedings of the Second Papua New Guinea Food Crops Conference. Department of Primary Industry, Port Moresby. Bourke R.M. and Kesavan, V. (eds.). (1982)

In May 1975 the first Papua New Guinea Food Crops Conference was held at the University of Technology in Lae. This article outlines the conference proceedings. Read in full online.


Implications of the 1986 outbreak of coffee rust in Papua New Guinea. Islands/Australia Working Paper No. 86/15. Shaw, D., Bourke, R.M., Bell, S. and Shaw, B. (1986). National Centre for Development Studies, Australian National University, Canberra

This article outlines how coffee plant rust could negatively impact production of coffee in Papua New Guinea, causing significant negative economic impact. The article was published in 1986. Read in full online.


Papua New Guinea's food problems: time for action. Research Bulletin 29. Department of Primary Industry, Port Moresby. Bourke, R.M., Carrad, B. and Heywood, P. (1981)

This paper outlines how low food production contributed to rising malnutrition in Papua New Guinea and steps the government could take to improve food production and health outcomes. The article was published in 1981. Read in full online.


Potential for exporting fruit from Papua New Guinea to overseas markets during their off-seasons. Papua New Guinea Journal of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 37(2). Camarotto, C. and Bourke, R.M. (1994)

This study, published in 1994, identifies fruit crops that could be exported from Papua New Guinea to nearby overseas markets during their off-seasons. Read in full online.


Bibliography of fruit and nuts in Papua New Guinea. Technical Report 82/1. Department of Primary Industry, Port Moresby. Bourke, R.M. and Aburu, K. (1982)

This article provides a comprehensive list of fruits and nuts produced across Papua New Guinea. The article was published in 1982. Read in full online.