Digitisation Update - October 2022

The ANU Library Digitisation Team are continuing to digitise rare and special materials from the ANU Library and ANU Archives.
25 October 2022

This update details some of the recent items digitised as part of the ongoing ANU digitisation project. More information about the digitisation procedure is available at the ANU Policy Library.

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Trade Union Photographs

Unidentified people holding placard in support of equal pay

This collection of approximately 4,000 photographs relate to a wide variety of trade unions, professional associations and Australian companies.

The K Series photographs provide insight into the history of a broad variety of Australian trade unions and companies, dating from circa 1850s-1960s. They provide visual documentation of the history and key events in many industries and associated trade unions in Australia, including mining, building, teaching, engineering, manufacturing, agricultural and maritime industries.

The photographs are of value to a variety of researchers including historians, genealogists, academics, and depositors. They relate to some of our most requested collections such as the Australian Agricultural Company and Goldsbrough Mort.

Lake George Mines Maps and Plans

Proposed residence at Captains Flat - Front elevation, side elevation and floor plan

This collection of 117 architectural maps and plans relating to Lake George Mines Pty Ltd has been digitised. These maps and plans provide insight into the planning and workings of one of the largest metal mining operations in Australia, at Captains Flat New South Wales, between 1892 and 1962.

They provide visual documentation of the development of the township of Captains Flat, which became one of Australia’s most important mining sites. The company was one of Australia’s key producers of lead, silver, zinc, sulphur, copper, and gold.

James Squire’s Brewery Ledger

James Squire's Brewery ledger

This historically significant ledger provides insight into the operations of Australia’s first commercial brewery, James Squire’s Brewery.

Established by First Fleet convict James Squire in Sydney in the early 1800s, the Brewery operated at Kissing Point (Ryde) on the banks of the Parramatta River from the early 1800s until the late 1820s. Squire is widely considered to be one of the earliest, if not the first, to brew beer in the new colony and the first to successfully cultivate the hop plant. The ledger includes details of orders placed with Squire’s Brewery from 1828-29.

The ledger includes the names of many prominent early European settlers of the greater Sydney region.

Aerial Photos of Papua New Guinea

Photo Index Mt Cameron

177 aerial photos of Papua New Guinea have been added to the collection.

Taken during the 1950s, these composite aerial photos were used to create maps of the Papua New Guinea mainland.

These images will be valuable to a range of researchers.

Gender Institute Resources

As part of Open Access Week, the ANU Library is promoting a recent digitisation project undertaken in collaboration with the ANU Gender Institute. Seven historical publications have been digitised which will enhance the resources available on the early studies of women in the Australian academy.

You can read more about this project and the benefits of making these items accessible to all in this Open Access Week news item by the ANU Library.

Other additions