Five new Read and Publish Agreements from the ANU Library

06 Dec 2022

We are very pleased to announce that the ANU Library has signed five new Read and Publish (RAP) agreements. This brings the total number of agreements available for ANU authors to 11! 

The new agreements are with: 

  • Elsevier
  • Taylor & Francis 
  • SAGE
  • Institute of Physics Publishing (IOPP) 
  • American Institute of Physics Publishing (AIPP) 

RAP agreements allow ANU authors to publish accepted articles open access without having to pay Article Processing Charges (APCs). 

The agreements with Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, and SAGE are especiallysignificant, as a large portion of the published output of the ANU is through these companies.  

These agreements represent savings to the University and to ANU authors in APCs, and will allow more publication of ANU research as open access, with all the additional benefits that brings.  

These agreements will be in place for three years – 2023 to 2025.  

Further details about each agreement and how ANU authors can publish open access under these agreements will be available on ourRead and Publish Agreementsguide.