IARU Libraries launch Research Passport for visiting scholars

22 Jul 2022

The International Association of Research University Libraries (IARU) have developed a Research Passport website that provides a portal for visiting students, academics and scholars to access the variety of exceptional collections and online resources available from all IARU member libraries.

It is now easier to find information about library collections, research resources, open access materials and study assistance when visiting any IARU member library. Users can browse all collections and services available or explore by individual member library. A digital guide for each member library is also available for download.

The 11 members of the IARU include The Australian National University Library, ETH Zurich Library, National University of Singapore Libraries, Peking University Library, University of California, Berkeley Library, University of Cambridge Libraries, University of Cape Town Libraries, University of Copenhagen Libraries, University of Oxford Libraries, University of Tokyo Library System and Yale University Library

Visit the IARU Libraries Research Passport to learn more.