Library upgrade update - changes to interlibrary loans

11 Jul 2022

The ANU Library is upgrading our library management systems to improve services for students and staff. The new system is scheduled to launch on 2 August 2022. 

This upgrade will provide an easier to use system, allow better access to the collection for library users, and offer greater support for education in the University. 

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Interlibrary loan changes

As part of the Library upgrade, there will be a new way to request the items that you need that are not held by the ANU Library.

It will be easier to use, provide a centralised location to request items (a “one-stop shop”), and deliver more comprehensive access to the collections of other Australian libraries.

To launch the new system, we need to decommission some of our current systems, including BONUS+ and ArticleReach.

How do I request items during this transition? 

You can continue to request items from the Document Supply Service (DSS) portal until 2 August (when the new system goes live). This service includes monographs, book chapters, reports, journal articles, and more.

Requesting monographs through BONUS+ will stop on 11 July 2022.

Requesting articles through ArticleReach will stop on 15 July 2022.

Please contact the Document Delivery team ( if you require assistance in locating resources. 

Why are you changing from the current systems? 

Many of the collections that you could access when we joined these services are no longer available.  In the last few years, there has been a significant reduction in the collections available to the ANU community through BONUS+, from 12 to 4 since 2018.  

Our current systems (BONUS+ and ArticleReach) are not compatible with the new system. They are also no longer offering us access to the range of resources you require. 

With fewer collections available, we have seen a significant decrease in the use of this service by the ANU community – with a 74% decrease in loans over the last three years. 

The new system will allow access to an increased range of library collections. 

What are the benefits of the new systems? 

The new system replacing BONUS+ will provide users access to the “Australia Pod”. This will grant access to collections from nine research libraries in Australia. The Pod is also growing fast, so the number of collections is likely to increase in the future! 

The new system replacing ArticleReach will increase the number of collections available for ANU Library patrons from 42 to over 500. There is also the added ability to request book chapters as well as articles.

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