Library upgrade update - Interlibrary Loans

02 Jun 2022

The ANU Library is upgrading our library management systems to improve services for students and staff.

This upgrade is very exciting and will provide easier to use more integrated systems for library users.

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New system for interlibrary loans

As part of the system upgrade in August, there will be a new way to request items not held by the ANU Library.

There will now be one single place to request items! This replaces multiple different systems currently in place including BONUS+, Document Supply Service (DSS) and ArticleReach.

How will this system be an improvement?

This will improve the borrowing and lending experience for everyone:

  • For students, academics and other library users, it provides a central location to find the materials they need, with a frictionless experience for getting materials quickly.
  • For library staff, it automates and simplifies the process, helping staff manage a high volume of requests efficiently.

How does it work?

Once you have logged in to the new system, it will know which services you have access to.

Searching for items will give you the ability to access subscribed material, or request physical items and digital copies of articles and chapters not held by the ANU Library. It will look similar to the image above.

You will also be able to see your saved items and current loans, and track items you have requested.

More information

This animated video provides a quick overview of the new system and its capabilities.

For a more detailed demonstration of the system, this video outlines the user experience.

Get support

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please get in touch with our friendly Library staff: