Open Research Repository upgrade

08 May 2024

The ANU Open Research Repository is getting an upgrade! 

Our staff have been working hard behind-the-scenes to upgrade the Repository to DSpace7. This will have a variety of benefits, including a more streamlined user experience, a modern look, greater functionality (including better search features!), and upgrades in the back end that will support our staff and researchers.  

We hope this will improve your experience with the Repository, allowing for easier contribution of, and access to, research from the ANU community!  

The Repository website will be offline from 5-9pm on Monday 20 May 2024 to facilitate this upgrade. Thank you for your patience as we finalise the data transfer and switch over all the links. 

If you are interested in what the new website will look like, click here for a sneak peek!! 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Repository team.