Update to ANU record keeping requirements

6 August 2021

As an Australian National University employee, you are responsible for keeping a record of the activities you undertake on behalf of the University.

A record is a document or data created or received by staff in the process of conducting University business. They are vital assets of the University, providing evidence of its decisions, business activities and transactions.

To ensure records are managed correctly, they should be saved in the University’s Electronic Records Management System (ERMS).

What is changing about the record keeping process?

The University uses many Microsoft Office (O365) applications, including SharePoint. To be compliant, any business records created in SharePoint need to be saved to ERMS. Currently this is a manual process, which can be time consuming.

To make this process more efficient, an integration tool has been developed.

The SharePoint-ERMS integration tool facilitates recordkeeping by automatically sending documents from identified SharePoint sites to the relevant ERMS folder.

What do I need to do?

Please read the SharePoint to ERMS Integration User Guide, and follow the 3-step process to get the integration tool to work.

Once set up, the integration tool will run daily, with new and altered documents copied automatically from SharePoint to ERMS overnight.

Benefits of using the integration tool

  • Improved efficiency: saving records in ERMS is automated.
  • Improved access over time: search tools in ERMS provide better retrieval of records.
  • Increased compliance: ERMS manages retention and disposal of records to meet external obligations.

How can I get help?

If you need support:

  • Log a job with the IT Service Desk job, noting ‘SharePoint ERMS integration’
  • Contact records@anu.edu.au

Visit the ANU Recordkeeping website for more information about your record management responsibilities.