Update on hail repairs

31 May 2023

Chifley Library  

  • Works on the Chifley Library roof are nearing completion. 
  • Eaves are getting removed and replaced. This process is scheduled to be completed in approximately four weeks.
  • Depending on weather conditions, scaffolding will start being removed at the end of June.
  • On 1 July, Level 4 will be closed from 5am to 10am due to a required power shutdown. During this time there will be no internet access or printing in Chifley Library. We will keep you updated on the timing of this outage, and notices/signs will be distributed. 

Law Library   

  • Discussions are ongoing with the construction team regarding planned roof repairs to the Law building.  
  • Scaffolding around the College of Law building is set to commence in late July, timing is dependent on weather and progression of other roofing projects on campus.
  • It is likely that roof repairs impacting the Law Library will commence in late 2023.  
  • We will keep you updated as this project progresses.  

Menzies Library  

  • Discussions about the upcoming Menzies Library roof repairs has been ramping up. Representatives from the construction crew, Facilities & Services, Menzies Library, and ANU Archives are meeting on a regular basis.
  • We anticipate that the installation of scaffolding around Menzies Library will commence in June, after exams have finished.
  • A few options are being explored for how to protect the rare book collection on the top floor of the Menzies Library during the roof repair process. The construction team are working closely with subcontractors and ANU representatives to determine a way forward. 
  • Approval for a copper roofing subcontractor has been obtained. 
  • The mechanical scope is being finalised and it has been determined that there will be minimal to no disruption to the building occupants during the roof works.

Visit the hail repair updates webpage for more information about upcoming works.

Pleaseget in touch with Library staffif you have any questions or concerns.