Update on hail repairs - Chifley Library

04 Mar 2023

Work to repair the Chifley Library roof has commenced again for 2023. Regular updates will continue to be provided here for the duration of this project.  

Update on work

  • Work has been progressing well, from very early in the morning to minimise disruption. The main metal section is now complete and the roof is watertight.
  • Two additional loading bays have been installed.
  • Plywood and waterproofing work is progressing well to the copper mansard roof section.

Upcoming work

  • The painter has inspected the temporary parents room, which will be repainted soon.
  • On Wednesday 8 March, a large 100 tonne crane will be onsite from early in the morning until approximately 8am. All relevant stakeholders have been notified.
  • On Friday 10 March, a small city crane will be onsite at the end of Joplin Lane. All relevant stakeholders have been notified.

Access to Chifley Level 4

Level 4 of Chifley has been blocked off for safety purposes and will remain inaccessible throughout the construction period. If you require resources from Level 4, please submit a retrieval request. 

Thank you for your patience during this process.   

Please get in touch with Library staff if you have any questions or concerns.